Netflix's Bridgerton Season 2: Ending Explained - CNET

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What a tangled web of elites: Edwina Sharma (at left), Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton.


It's been a engaged societal play connected Netflix's Bridgerton. The regency play astir societal machinations and a mysterious gossip writer named Lady Whistledown, dropped its 2nd play connected Friday. 

This circular focuses connected the oldest Bridgerton son, Anthony, arsenic helium searches for a wife, mostly ignoring the promptings of his assorted household members that emotion mightiness beryllium a cardinal constituent of a matrimony -- not conscionable duty. 

You tin refresh your representation connected play 1. Or if you've already raced done play 2 arsenic rapidly arsenic Lady Whistledown wears down quills, here's the ending of Bridgerton play 2, explained. 

Of course, everything azygous connection that follows is simply a spoiler. So beware.

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