Netflix viewers blast trailer for upcoming documentary about Jimmy Savile 

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Netflix has sparked outrage crossed societal media aft announcing the upcoming merchandise of a documentary astir Jimmy Savile.

The disgraced TV presenter, who was champion known for hosting Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It, has been accused of sexually assaulting implicit 450 radical since his decease successful 2011, with victims arsenic young arsenic five.

The trailer for Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, which volition onshore on 6th April, teases the uncover of however helium was capable to 'fool the nation' for 4 decades arsenic a beloved TV property portion abusing countless victims. 

Netflix subscribers person been speedy to instrumentality to Twitter arguing that 'nobody asked for' a documentary astir Jimmy Savile, and claiming that the victims person been done capable without having to spot his look connected 'every' streaming service.

Viewers person besides complained that their favourite shows are being cancelled, portion the streaming work gives a level to a communicative that has already been told. 

Netflix has been blasted by societal media users aft announcing upcoming documentary Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story (pictured)

In 2016, the Dame Janet Smith Review into intersexual maltreatment astatine the BBC identified 72 victims of DJ Savile.

It recovered helium sexually assaulted 57 women oregon girls and 15 boys, with the youngest miss helium raped aged 13 and youngest lad aged ten.

The earliest known incidental was the rape of a miss aged 13 astatine Lime Grove studios successful 1959 and the past known incidental was astatine the past signaling of Top of the Pops successful 2006.


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