New Song "Stars In The Sky" Released For Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Movie

6 months ago 16

Performed by 'Kid Cudi'

Sonic and coImage: Republic Records, UMG Recordings, Paramount Pictures, SEGA,

Following connected from the merchandise of "Speed Life" by Stéphane Legar past week, we've present got different video clip, this clip by singer, rapper and opus writer Kid Cudi. This way is titled "Stars successful the Sky" and admittedly does a amended occupation incorporating references to the Sonic video games and his 2nd big-screen outing, arriving successful cinemas soon.

You tin perceive the afloat opus successful the euphony video below:

You tin person a perceive to the different opus "Speed Life" successful our erstwhile post. What bash you deliberation of the latest way released to the public? Are you looking guardant to this movie? Leave a remark down below.


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