New suit against Activision Blizzard alleges ‘rampant sexism’ and retaliation

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Activision Blizzard and 5 named Blizzard Entertainment employees are the people of a caller lawsuit, filed connected behalf of an worker of the institution who alleged they experienced intersexual harassment and discrimination, and were retaliated against, Bloomberg Law reported Wednesday.

The worker successful question, referred to arsenic “Jane Doe” by lawyer Lisa Bloom, archetypal came guardant last December to publically talk retired against what they alleged arsenic the company’s “alcohol-soaked civilization of intersexual harassment” and “frat lad civilization detrimental to women.”

According to the ailment filed successful Los Angeles County Superior Court, Doe’s experiences with intersexual harassment astatine Activision Blizzard day arsenic acold backmost arsenic 2017, erstwhile they began moving arsenic a elder administrative adjunct to executives successful the company’s IT department.

The ailment alleges that Doe was taxable to aggregate intersexual advances by her supervisors, including unwanted touching and kissing, probing questions astir her idiosyncratic life, including an invitation for casual radical sex, and retaliation for complaining successful penning to Blizzard’s then-president J. Allen Brack astir the intersexual harassment they had experienced. Doe applied for an unfastened enforcement adjunct presumption successful November 2021, but aft speaking astatine the property league successful December, says that their exertion was rejected.

“For years, Activision Blizzard’s unfastened ‘frat boy’ situation fostered rampant sexism, harassment and favoritism with 700 repo...

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