Nintendo Issues Copyright Strike Against Scanned Super Mario 64 Guide From 1996

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Super Mario 64

Update [Fri 25th Mar, 2022 10:00 GMT] - Well, that didn't past long. Last week, we reported connected a stunning postulation of online scans from the 1996 Super Mario 64 guide; a existent relic that would apt outgo a hefty sum if you wanted a carnal transcript today.

Thanks to an update from Kotaku, we tin present study that the scans person present been taken offline aft a copyright onslaught from Nintendo of America, which Internet Archive passed onto the archetypal uploader, Comfort Food Video Games.

Before we springiness our ain sentiment connected this, here's a punctuation from the uploader courtesy of Kotaku:

"Sadly sent maine their accustomed takedown announcement email telling maine Nintendo of America challenged the copyright of the scan and it was removed. Frankly I’d emotion to situation the legitimacy of that and however Nintendo of America would person thing to bash with a Nintendo of Japan licensed Gem Books usher from 1995 but I can’t truly combat the Nintendo ineligible squad here. It’s incredibly disappointing.

While I afloat recognize protecting one’s IP and copyrights I didn’t deliberation I was hurting anyone by scanning and uploading a 27 twelvemonth aged usher that is highly retired of print. Truthfully I deliberation it helps Nintendo portion lone hurting the radical selling this usher for literal hundreds of dollars. All I wanted to bash was dispersed my emotion of this unthinkable usher and to a larger grade my emotion for the company.

I’m a rookie to...

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