Nvidia wants to speed up data transfer by connecting data center GPUs to SSDs 

6 months ago 29

Microsoft brought DirectStorage to Windows PCs this week. The API promises faster load times and much elaborate graphics by letting crippled developers marque apps that load graphical information from the SSD straight to the GPU. Now, Nvidia and IBM person created a akin SSD/GPU technology, but they are aiming it astatine the monolithic information sets successful information centers.

Instead of targeting console oregon PC gaming similar DirectStorage, Big accelerator Memory (BaM) is meant to supply information centers speedy entree to immense amounts of information successful GPU-intensive applications, similar machine-learning training, analytics, and high-performance computing, according to a probe insubstantial spotted by The Register this week. Entitled "BaM: A Case for Enabling Fine-grain High Throughput GPU-Orchestrated Access to Storage" (PDF), the insubstantial by researchers astatine Nvidia, IBM, and a fewer US universities proposes a much businesslike mode to tally next-generation applications successful information centers with m...

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