Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Has Been Ordered To Stay In Jail Until Trial For Seditious Conspiracy

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PLANO, Texas — A national magistrate has ordered Oath Keepers person Stewart Rhodes to stay successful jailhouse portion helium awaits proceedings for a bid of charges including seditious conspiracy, citing his “extreme defiance to national authority” and “propensity towards violence.”

Prosecutors assertion that Rhodes, 56, “spearheaded a conspiracy” to forestall certification of the 2020 statesmanlike predetermination by encouraging the Oath Keepers to stitchery successful Washington, DC, and to stash weapons and vehicles adjacent for the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill protests that ended successful a riot.

Identified for months successful tribunal documents lone arsenic “Person One,” Rhodes is described successful charging documents arsenic a fiery ringleader who allegedly began talking of unit and “civil war” conscionable days aft the 2020 election, spent immoderate $40,000 connected weapons and accessories anterior to and pursuing Jan. 6, and attempted to destruct grounds of his engagement successful the alleged crippled aft the fact.

The order was handed down precocious connected Wednesday, 2 days aft a proceeding successful national tribunal successful Plano, Texas, wherever Rhodes has been held since his arrest. Federal prosecutors argued vigorously astatine the clip that helium should not beryllium released earlier trial, which has since been scheduled to b...

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