Ottawa Police Are Sending In Reinforcements To Try To Wrestle Back Control Of Downtown

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The protesters are, for the astir part, not going anyplace willingly. Organizers are urging supporters to “hold the line” and hole for nighttime constabulary raids. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared a authorities of emergency, empowering authorities to frost the slope accounts and suspend the driver’s licenses of anyone who takes portion successful the convoy oregon tries to assistance it.

“If helium takes my security away, the motortruck can’t move. They tin instrumentality everything I ain away,” said Lucas Sawatzki, who drove successful from Winkler, Manitoba. His motortruck has been parked connected Kent Street successful downtown Ottawa since the commencement of the protests. “There’s ever hazard to a protest,” helium said, “especially erstwhile you’re protesting against the government.”

As precocious arsenic Wednesday, the thoroughfare enactment vibe of the past fewer weeks remained successful place. Protesters soaked successful a blistery tub, barbecued blistery dogs, and danced to music from the Trolls movie. That shifted aboriginal Thursday greeting arsenic vans and buses afloat of constabulary started arriving. Workers enactment up makeshift barricades betwixt the assemblage and the parliament buildings. There was a chiseled feeling of calm earlier the storm.

High-profile convoy fig Pat King made the rounds downtown Thursday greeting urging radical to enactment to the constituent of going to jailhouse if that’s what it takes to extremity vaccine mandates. Asked if helium was acrophobic astir the authorities seizing the slope accounts of his supporters and seizing their trucks, King said helium was acrophobic for their carnal safety.

“Bank accounts? That’ll get fixed,” helium said. &ldquo...

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