Our Ancient Ancestors Evolved To Be Strong and Snappy

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Dunkleosteus – 1 of the animals progressive successful the research. Credit: Nobu Tamura

Researchers led by the University of Bristol amusement that the earliest jaws successful the fossil grounds were caught successful a trade-off betwixt maximizing their spot and their speed.

Almost each vertebrates are jawed vertebrates, including humans, archetypal evolving much than 400 cardinal years agone and distinguished by their teeth-bearing jaws. Humans beryllium their evolutionary occurrence to the improvement of jaws, which allowed animals to process a wider assortment of foods.

Jaws evolved from the gill arches, a bid of structures successful food that enactment their gills. A caller study, published successful the diary Science Advances connected March 18, 2022, explores however a breathing operation came to beryllium a biting structure. To bash this, researchers based astatine Br...

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