“Our Duty”: Ukrainian Surgeons Are Operating On Russian Soldiers Wounded In Ukraine

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KYIV — Vitaliy, a young doc from occidental Ukraine connected a country apprenticeship successful Kyiv, has hardly near his exigency ward successful the 12 days since Russia launched its full-scale penetration of the country. Vitaliy told BuzzFeed News that helium operates astir astir the timepiece connected soldiers and civilians wounded by aerial strikes, artillery fire, and gunshots successful the combat for the Ukrainian capital.

Among the dozens helium has helped, helium said determination was thing antithetic astir 3 soldiers who were brought successful astir a week ago. They were wearing Ukrainian-type uniforms and claimed they were from Kyiv, but they couldn’t talk a connection of Ukrainian, sanction a azygous vicinity successful the superior city, oregon connection up immoderate documentation to beryllium their residency. They spoke lone Russian — and with an accent much communal successful Moscow than successful Kyiv. And they behaved successful a somewhat acold mode toward the aesculapian unit treating them, refusing to reply galore questions.

Hospital unit and Ukrainian constabulary were yet capable to corroborate the men were Russian soldiers, Vitaliy said successful an interrogation Thursday. “They were precise scared.”

Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar wrote connected Facebook connected Feb. 25 that Russian forces had “seized 2 Ukrainian service vehicles and changed into Ukrainian uniforms” during a failed battle connected the bluish Obolon territory of Kyiv. Similar accusation has circulated successful different subject reports.

The soldiers who Vitaliy operated connected are believed by Kyiv authorities to person participated successful that archetypal battle connected the superior that has continued successful the days since.

Vitaliy spoke to BuzzFeed News connected the information that his past sanction and the infirmary helium works astatine are not printe...

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