Overwatch 2 is getting a ping system; here’s how it works

6 months ago 19

Overwatch players who don’t usage dependable chat whitethorn not get overmuch connection from their teammates, with the objection of “I request healing!” being spammed astatine their team’s healers. Blizzard is hoping to code that successful Overwatch 2, enhancing connection with a caller ping strategy — à la Apex Legends — that volition adhd discourse to callouts and chat successful multiplayer games.

On Thursday, Blizzard offered an in-depth breakdown of Overwatch 2’s ping system, showing however contextual pings volition grow upon Overwatch’s existing connection wheel. Players volition beryllium capable to “activate a contextual ping depending connected what you’re aiming astatine wrong your enactment of sight” with the property of a button, Blizzard said. “For example, if you’re playing Tracer and ping an force Reaper, your teammates volition perceive Tracer telephone retired that Reaper’s location.” Should that Reaper usage his Shadow Step oregon Wraith Form abilities, breaking enactment of sight, the ping volition amusement his past known location.

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