Parents of Angel Lynn, who was left paralysed in van fall, tell of their agony

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For Angel Lynn’s 21st birthday, her parents had dreamed of giving her a enactment to remember. They looked guardant to seeing their beauteous daughter, looking sensational successful a caller outfit, dancing the nighttime distant with her friends.

So the world of her coming of property past December was thing abbreviated of heartbreaking. Brain-damaged 18 months agone aft falling from a moving van successful a terrifying kidnap ordeal, the day miss arrived not successful her finery, but successful a wheelchair.

Her parents, Nikki and Patrick Lynn, choked backmost tears arsenic they collected Angel from the nursing location wherever 24-hour attraction keeps her live and took her backmost to the family’s three-bed semi successful Loughborough.

Unable to walk, speak, grin oregon eat, Angel is fed though a conduit straight to her stomach. Her parents had nary thought whether she recognised them oregon immoderate of the assembled guests.

Despite the balloons, the music, the cards and the gifts of jewellery, perfume and clothes, determination was nary mode of telling if she adjacent knew it was her milestone birthday.

Our Angel: Before the kidnap. Nikki has agreed to talk to maine due to the fact that she wants radical to cognize astir the idiosyncratic Angel was earlier she had the misfortune to autumn for Chay Bowskill

‘My bosom broke into pieces to spot Angel’s friends coating her nails and doing her hairsbreadth and make-up arsenic she sat successful her wheelchair,’ says Nikki, her dependable faltering.

‘We couldn’t archer if she was blessed oregon not due to the fact that she can’t explicit immoderate emotion.

‘I kept reasoning this wasn’t however it was expected to be. She should person been retired having fun, posting each her pictures connected societal media similar her friends and cousin, who turned 21 past October.’

The enactment ended with drama, not dancing, erstwhile Angel’s oxygen levels plummeted dangerously debased and she had to beryllium rushed backmost to the nursing home.

That night, Nikki and Patrick cried themselves to sl...

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