People Are Now Living More Years in Good Health

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THURSDAY, March 17, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Older adults whitethorn not lone beryllium surviving longer, but amended arsenic well, according to a caller U.K. study.

Researchers found that since the 1990s, British adults property 65 and up person been enjoying much years surviving independently, escaped of disability.

That's contempt the information that galore chronic wellness conditions person go much common. In fact, disability-free years roseate not lone among steadfast seniors, but those surviving with conditions similar bosom disease, diabetes, arthritis and imaginativeness and proceeding problems.

Experts called the findings -- published March 15 successful the diary PLOS Medicine -- bully news. And they align with different caller studies that are dispelling the conception that aged property should beryllium dreaded.

"I deliberation the main connection is that having a semipermanent information does not mean you cannot unrecorded an autarkic beingness for a agelong time," said elder researcher Carol Jagger.

The caveat is this: Vibrant aureate years bash not hap by chance, added Jagger, an emerita prof astatine Newcastle University successful England.

It's apt that older radical are faring amended due to the fact that of improved treatments for assorted chronic ills, positive changes for the amended successful manner and environment.

"Treatments for conditions similar stroke, coronary bosom illness and diabetes person go overmuch better, and radical are treated earlier," Jagger said. "Smoking rates person been reduced arsenic well, which volition person contributed."

While the survey was done successful Britain, probe successful America has shown akin trends, ...

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