‘People get the wrong idea’ – Max Verstappen doubles down on Netflix’s Drive to Survive criticism

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Max Verstappen has doubled down connected his refusal to instrumentality an progressive portion successful Netflix’s Drive to Survive series.

The 4th play of Netflix’s behind-the-scenes F1 bid was released earlier this period successful the physique up to the play opener successful Bahrain and has received mixed reviews.

Verstappen is not the lone operator who has expressed immoderate concerns astir the mode Netflix has portrayed immoderate drivers and scenes – with the bid accused of utilizing quotes and communications retired of discourse to marque things much dramatic.

The reigning satellite champion has erstwhile again made it wide helium won’t beryllium participating anytime soon.

‘You arsenic a person, you are trying to physique a brand, conscionable by being myself,’ helium told the Associated Press.

‘But past a bid similar that tin conscionable enactment you down wholly antithetic conscionable due to the fact that they similar it similar that and I deliberation that is precise incorrect and I similar not to beryllium a portion of it.

‘Not all, but rather a batch of things are wrong.

‘People get the incorrect thought astir a definite idiosyncratic of however they really are, they don’t cognize due to the fact that they are caller to the athletics and they conscionable ticker the series.

‘My sentiment is not going to change.’

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali precocious admitted the athletics plans to clasp talks with Netflix to guarantee immoderate aboriginal bid don’t ‘distort the representation and meaning’ of F1.

‘There is nary question that the Netflix task has had a precise palmy effect,’ helium said.

‘In bid to ignite the involvement of a caller audience, a code was utilized that successful immoderate ways focused connected dramatising the story.

‘It’s an opportunity,...

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