Pfizer's CEO Says Fourth COVID Shot Is Needed. Is He Right?

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March 15, 2022 -- The CEO of vaccine shaper Pfizer made quality implicit the play erstwhile helium said radical who person already gotten 3 shots of his company’s COVID-19 vaccine volition request a 4th dose.

Albert Bourla, PhD, said information the institution has submitted to the FDA -- but has not yet released publically -- shows this need.

Although a 3rd dose of an mRNA vaccine tin inactive lessen the risks of hospitalization and death, a 4th dose is "necessary" to forestall aboriginal cases of infection, helium said connected CBS's Face the Nation.

Pfizer is besides expected to inquire the FDA this week to o.k. a 4th changeable for radical 65 and older, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

With each this happening, we asked infectious illness experts to measurement in, particularly arsenic regular caller lawsuit numbers proceed to driblet to levels not seen since July 2021.

"To date, determination is ...

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