Pixel 7 Rumors: October Release Date, Second-Gen Tensor Chip and More - CNET

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Renders of the rumored Pixel 7 Pro.

Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks) and Smartprix

Year aft year, Google releases its flagship Pixel phones successful the fall, truthful it's harmless to presume we're inactive respective months retired from a Pixel 7 launch. But rumors are already heating up -- including an October merchandise day and caller speculation that the Pixel 7's show volition beryllium a spot smaller than its predecessor's.

Google took a bold caller attack with its flagship Pixel 6 series and it seems to person paid off, earning the institution captious praise and commercialized success, astatine slightest for the comparatively tiny batch of phones it did release. The Pixel 6 bid ushered successful a caller epoch for Google's sagging smartphone business, helped by this caller design. Out went past year's midrange processor. In came the company's years-in-the-making 

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