Police Have Arrested Over 100 Ottawa Trucker Protesters In The Start Of A Crackdown

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Police person swept successful to apprehension and evict the Freedom Convoy protesters who person occupied Ottawa for 3 weeks.

Updated connected February 19, 2022, 1:14 amPosted connected February 18, 2022, 9:47 pm

Eduardo Lima for BuzzFeed News

Police statesman making the archetypal arrests successful Ottawa connected Feb. 17, 2022. Earlier successful the day, officers gave warnings to protesters to vacate the country oregon look charges.

OTTAWA — Police arrested implicit 100 protesters and took backmost a chunk of downtown Ottawa connected Friday arsenic they moved to enactment an extremity to the three-week-old objection against vaccine mandates successful the streets of Canada’s superior city.

The interim Ottawa constabulary chief, Steve Bell, said those arrested person been charged with “multiple, assorted offenses, including mischief.” Several protestation leaders are among those arrested.

Police person moved dilatory to ace down connected protesters, forming a enactment and past moving gradually forward. They spent astir of Friday overtaking and clearing 1 campy of truckers that was adjacent but abstracted from the main groups. Protesters tried to fastener arms and “hold the line” but were steadily pushed back.

If truckers refused to exit their vehicles, constabulary shattered their windows and forced them out. Ottawa constabulary accidental 21 vehicles were towed away.

The astir melodramatic moments came erstwhile mounted constabulary units charged their horses toward the crowd, causing protesters to fly and allowing officers to summation much ground. Police and witnesses said 1 ma...

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