Portugal's Route 66: Climbing aboard a Triumph for a road trip from Spain's border to the Algarve

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They telephone it the Route 66 of Portugal. And, similar the iconic US highway, this roadworthy defines a nation. The Estrada Nacional 2, oregon N2 to its friends, was erstwhile a 450-mile-long backbone of the Portuguese roadworthy system. From a sleepy spa municipality called Chaves, adjacent the bluish borderline with Spain, to Faro connected the Algarve, it was built successful 1945 to transportation goods and radical the magnitude of the country.

The N2 is present astir deserted but for section traffic, and truthful cleanable for a leisurely roadworthy travel connected 2 wheels (or four) done the byways of aged Portugal. This is among the astir scenic stretches of tarmac, cobble stones and gravel successful the world.

My travelling companion is Tim. We’ve known each different since schooldays and stock a beingness of memories, arsenic good arsenic a emotion matter with motorcycles. Tim is riding his favourite 2002 Yamaha Bulldog, the large V-twin motor roaring lustily arsenic we powerfulness up done the bends past centuries-old terraces of vines and olives.

The Mail connected Sunday's John Wellington travelled on the often-deserted N2 road. He says it's 'perfect' for a leisurely roadworthy travel connected 2 wheels

I’m connected my 2017 Triumph Bonneville. I similar the modern refinements specified arsenic heated grips, cruise power and ABS brakes – which prevention my tegument erstwhile connected the travel erstwhile a farmer’s tractor crosses my way conscionable arsenic I accelerate to overtake.

We’d work astir the way connected biker forums and fantabulous blogs specified arsenic juliedawnfox.com. The tourer committee (visitportugal.com) gives large guidance and you tin adjacent person a ‘passport’ stamped astatine offices en way to papers your journey.

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