Postpartum Depression Rates Tripled During the Pandemic

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THURSDAY, March 17, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Rates of postpartum depression among American mothers roseate astir three-fold during the COVID-19 pandemic, on with ample increases successful major depression and thoughts of self-harm, according to a caller study.

It included 670 caller moms who completed online screening betwixt February and July 2020. One-third screened affirmative for postpartum slump and 20% had symptoms of large depression.

Before the pandemic, astir 1 successful 8 caller mothers had postpartum slump and betwixt 5% and 7% had large depression, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"We besides recovered that astir 1 successful 5 participants who screened affirmative for postpartum slump reported having thoughts of harming themselves," said pb writer Clayton Shuman, an adjunct prof of nursing astatine the University of Michigan.

"This is precise concerning fixed that anterior to the pandemic, [a erstwhile study] recovered the complaint of suicidality among prenatal and postpartum patients is connected the emergence successful the U.S.," Shuman said successful a assemblage quality release.

New mothers who fed their infants look were 92% much apt to surface affirmative for postpartum depression, and 73% much apt to surface for large slump than those who breastfed oregon bottle-fed with their ain milk, the survey found.

Mothers whose infants were successful neonatal intensive attraction units had a 74% higher hazard of postpartum depression, and moms who were disquieted astir contracting COVID-19 had a 71% accrued likelihood of screening affirmative for postpartum depression, according to the study.

Shuman s...

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