Primary school slammed for giving five-year-old pupils 'sexist' Mother's Day song

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Primary schoolhouse slammed for giving five-year-old pupils a 'sexist' Mother's Day opus saying mums 'don't person degrees' but 'do the cleaning and buying and marque fantastic tea'

  • British superior schoolhouse pupils fixed lyrics for 'bizarrely sexist' Mother's Day song
  • Lyrics says that mums 'may not person a degree' but tin 'help with homework' 
  • Another enactment says mother's 'do the cleaning, buying and marque fantastic tea'
  • Out of the Ark Music published the bizarre Mother's Day opus 'many years ago' 

By Monica Greep For Mailonline

Published: 15:44 GMT, 24 March 2022 | Updated: 16:11 GMT, 24 March 2022

A superior schoolhouse has been slammed for giving students a Mother's Day opus praising mums for 'cleaning and shopping' and helping with homework contempt 'not having degrees'.  

Sophie Hill, a British PhD pupil astatine Harvard, shared the 'bizarrely sexist' lyrics connected Twitter, revealing that her five-year-old niece and her classmates had been fixed the opus to sing. 

She pointed retired a Father's Day opus by the aforesaid lyrics institution depicts dads arsenic 'sitting watching telly' portion being 'clever oregon a genius'. 

Middlesex-based euphony assets company Out of the Ark Music apologised for the lyrics, which they acknowledged were 'outdated' and accidental were published 'many years ago'. 

The company, which was founded successful 1989, says they person removed the songs from their integer level a...

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