Putin wants the West to defeat the purpose of its own sanctions

6 months ago 19

Vladimir Putin is insisting that 48 “hostile nations“—the US, the UK, and the EU’s members among them—pay for Russian state successful rubles. The request is much than provocation; it’s a strategy to unit the West to dilute the effects of its own sanctions connected Moscow.

In 2021, these hostile nations paid astir $69 cardinal for state from Gasprom, the Russian state-owned company. To marque a akin standard of payments this year, countries volition person to procure astir 6-7 trillion rubles. In a gathering with officials connected Mar. 23, Putin told the Central Bank of Russia to fig retired however these ruble payments tin beryllium made.

In truthful doing, Putin dug into the different beforehand of the Ukraine conflict—the fiscal beforehand with the West. But his determination besides fits into a larger mosaic of efforts by respective countries to challenge the hegemony of large Western currencies similar the dollar and the euro—the benignant of hegemony that is making the symptom of sanctions connected Russia imaginable successful the archetypal place.

How volition the West get rubles to wage for Russian gas?

As yet, astir of these “hostile nations” buying Russian vigor have fewer options but to proceed their purchases. To marque payments successful rubles, these state purchasers volition person to bargain the currency first, either from the Central Bank of Russia oregon connected the overseas speech market. If the request for rubles steadily increases arsenic a result, the drastic autumn successful the currency’s worth volition halt and adjacent reverse. After Putin made his ...

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