Random: Bloodborne Kart Is Real, And It's Coming "When It's Ready"

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Bloodborne KartImage: Lilith

It's astir that clip of twelvemonth erstwhile each chill quality communicative makes you flinch and cheque the date, but interest not, my April Fool's-fearing friends: This 1 is real, and also, it's the 25th March. You're safe. For different week, astatine least.

The makers of the fashionable Bloodborne PSX demake (which you tin work astir implicit connected Push Square, naturally) have, successful the past, goofed connected the assemblage in-joke of a playable Bloodborne-themed racing crippled called Bloodborne Kart, arsenic you tin spot successful this April 1st Twitter post:

But, well, erstwhile you've got each the assets successful place, wherefore not just... marque the full thing? And that's precisely what they've done. They made it real. And it's bloody brilliant.

In the two-minute trailer below, we spot our Hunter successful a bully yellowish car, zipping astir a Pthumerian Cup course: drifting done cathedrals, wrought robust fences, and long, foreboding tunnels, each presented successful that gloriously crunchy low-poly PS1 benignant of the Bloodborne demake.

Unlike Mario Kart, determination don't look to beryllium immoderate pickups, but who cares? There's an Akira notation instead, and that's mode amended than immoderate a Hunter mightiness usage alternatively of banana peels. Bloodstains, maybe?

Honestly, it's astonishing however heavy this crippled could perchance get. Lady Maria arsenic a Penelope Pitstop-like racer; G...

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