Random: Kingdom Hearts Gets A Nod On The Latest Mickey Mouse Cartoon

6 months ago 13

"Oh, boy!"

Mickey Mouse 01Image: Disney

Kingdom Hearts is benignant of successful the atrocious books with Nintendo fans astatine the moment. After years of requesting the franchise marque its debut connected the Nintendo Switch, we got what we asked for... albeit via an atrocious Cloud Version. We said the larboard was "incredibly disappointing" successful our reappraisal of the Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece, awarding it a 5/10.

Still, contempt this, it's rather amusive seeing the bid get a motion from Disney itself, with the latest Disney+ Mickey Mouse peculiar - 'The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse' - featuring nary different than Kingdom Key D, the cardinal leaf that Mickey Mouse wields for the bulk of the series.

It's not often that Disney itself makes notation to Kingdom Hearts, truthful to spot this amusive small motion decidedly brought a grin to our faces, careless of our feelings towards the Cloud Versions of the bid connected Switch.

In fact, Storyboard Revisionist Amber Vucinich expressed her acknowledgment via the beneath tweet for the inclusion of the cardinal blade, earlier wishing the franchise a "happy astir 20th anniversary" (wow, has it been that long?).

Although Switch fans person got to enactment up with Cloud Versions for the games, it's not each doom and gloom. The series' protagonist - Sora - Read Entire Article