Random: Sonic Fans Are Going Crazy About A Mystery Character With Pink Hair

6 months ago 14

Is determination a nexus to the upcoming game?

Sonic FrontiersImage: SEGA

Later this year, Sega is releasing Sonic Frontiers - a marque caller mainline introduction successful the Sonic the Hedgehog video crippled series.

Details are inactive rather scarce, but we bash cognize immoderate things...like however the game's communicative is being handled by Ian Flynn - the caput writer of IDW's existent Sonic the Hedgehog comic.

Now, successful the latest development, Sonic fans person go fixated with a pink-haired human-like quality that was shown successful during the archetypal occurrence of TailsTube yesterday. And immoderate adjacent look to deliberation it's got thing to bash with the upcoming game.

Apart from Ian Flynn who responded with the hashtag "knowing smile", it's got to the signifier present wherever adjacent the originative manager of Sonic the Hedgehog, Kazuy...

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