Reds legend John Aldridge calls on Liverpool vs Man City FA Cup semi-final to be played at Old Trafford

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John Aldridge believes Liverpool’s FA Cup semi-final clash against Manchester City should beryllium played astatine Old Trafford fixed the question problems for fans.

The Premier League’s apical 2 are acceptable to conflict it retired astatine Wembley connected the play of April 16 and 17 but supporters person voiced their concerns that determination are nary nonstop trains to the north-west owed to engineering works.

Former Red Aldridge, who won the FA Cup with Liverpool successful 1989, believes having the semi-finals astatine Wembley already devalues the contention and successful this lawsuit a power to the location of Manchester United would beryllium a bully solution to the problem.

‘To beryllium honorable we’re not stupid, we cognize they privation the semis astatine Wembley to wage for Wembley, it was ever the case,’ helium said.

‘But logic is logic, travel on. Manchester and Liverpool clubs – conscionable play it astatine Manchester United. It is what it is.

‘In our time the FA Cup was truthful large arsenic it was astir getting to the last astatine Wembley.

‘Alex Ferguson utilized to get accused of devaluing the contention by putting antithetic teams out, but what they are doing is devaluing the contention successful galore ways to get the wealth to wage for Wembley.

‘For the involvement of Manchester City and Liverpool fans there’s not overmuch quality (playing) astatine Manchester United, which tin clasp 80,000.’

While the mayors of some Manchester and Liverpool person besides called for the semi-final to moved distant from Wembley, determination has truthful acold been nary denotation from the FA that these req...

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