Report: TSA Fined Travelers $640K for Face Mask Violations

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Mar. 17, 2022 -- The Transportation Security Administration has fined travelers $644,389 successful 922 incidents involving look disguise violations connected airplanes, airports, and aboveground transportation, a report from the General Accounting Office says.

Overall, the TSA investigated 3,815 incidents involving imaginable look disguise violations from February 2, 2021, to March 7, 2022, the study said. When fines weren’t levied, 2,709 informing notices were issued and nary enactment was taken successful 180 incidents.

The study said 788 incidents that resulted successful fines occurred connected committee craft and resulted successful fines averaging $634. Fines were issued successful 18 airdrome checkpoint incidents with fines averaging $3,170, 72 incidents connected airdrome premises with fines averaging $803, and 44 incidents connected aboveground proscription with fines averaging $640.

The study did not accidental however galore of the fines were collected.

TSA’s disguise mandate, imposed to assistance halt the dispersed of COVID-19, went into effect successful February 2021 and was extended respective times. It had been scheduled to expire March 7 but was extended to April 18. People tin beryllium fined if they don’t deterioration masks connected planes, trains, buses, and ships oregon successful airports, bid and autobus stations, and ports.

The disguise rules person angered immoderate travelers, and airlines person reported incidents successful which formation attendants person been physically assaulted.

The GAO study does not screen look disguise incidents handled by the Federal Aviation Administration.

During 2021, the FAA handled 5,981 reports of unruly passengers with 4,290 incidents related to look masks. The FAA launched 1,122 investigations and 350 enforcement actions, with $5 cardinal successful fines proposed. It’s not known however overmuch successful fines was paid.

From Jan. 1, 2022, until March 14, 2022, the FAA handled ...

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