Retro Shmup 'Galactic Wars EX' Docks Onto Switch In April

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Boasting 60fps action

Publisher JanduSoft and developer Volcano Bytes person announced that retro shoot-em-up Galactic Wars EX volition beryllium coming to Switch, launching connected April 21st.

The crippled volition boast 60fps gameplay on with modes to cater for solo and co-op players and volition outgo $7.99 upon its release.

Here's immoderate further info from JanduSoft:

Galactic Wars EX is the champion acquisition connected sprout ‘m up of genre.

Play solo oregon with a person successful the coop mode and combat with the enemies crossed the forty phases with their bosses and mini bosses.

You tin take connected 3 antithetic ships to combat against evil with antithetic capabilities. More weapons and powerfulness ups hold for you successful this 16 bits abstraction game.

Key Features

– 1 oregon 2 Players Co-op Pixel cleanable gameplay.
– 3 antithetic ships to combat against evil with antithetic capabilities and antithetic powerfulness ups.
– More than 40 caller phases to combat the invaders on 3 areas with mini bosses and bosses.
– Smooth 60FPS Classic Shmup action.

The crippled was primitively funded via Kickstarter, gaining $3,879 of its $3,500 goal, acknowledgment to a full of 101 backers.

Does this 1 scratch that chump itch? Will you beryllium picking it up...

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