Ricketts family and NBA owner included in final four-party shortlist to buy Chelsea

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The Ricketts household and NBA proprietor Stephen Pagliuca person been included successful the last four-party shortlist to bargain Chelsea from Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich put Chelsea up for sale aft being sanctioned by the UK government earlier this period arsenic portion of its effect to Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.

The authorities described Abramovich arsenic a ‘pro-Kremlin oligarch’ with adjacent ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin and froze his assets.

Chelsea are expected to beryllium sold for a terms of implicit $3 cardinal (£2.27 billion), but determination has been superior uncertainty implicit who the club’s adjacent owners volition be.

A fig of parties person expressed involvement successful buying the Premier League broadside and Raine Group, who are overseeing the sale, person present shortlisted the last 4 bids, according to The Athletic.

Offers from the Ricketts family, Boston Celtics proprietor Pagliuca, David B...

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