Ricketts family’s bid for Chelsea ‘knocked back’ as two clear favourites emerge

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An connection from the Ricketts household to bargain Chelsea has been ‘knocked back’ amid instrumentality backlash though the nine looks progressively apt to extremity up successful the hands of US investors, according to reports.

After being sanctioned by the British government, Chelsea proprietor Roman Abramovich hired US merchant slope Raine to oversee the merchantability of the westbound London club.

Interested parties had until Friday past week to taxable their offers, with Raine contacting unsuccessful applicants this week earlier a looming announcement to corroborate a last shortlist of prospective caller owners.

A bid from Saudi Media Group has already been rejected, arsenic has an connection from New York Jets proprietor Woody Johnson, though palmy parties person yet to person confirmation from Raine successful a process that is becoming alternatively much drawn-out and messy than Chelsea would person wanted.

But, according to the Financial Times, 2 bids are astir definite to marque the last cut: an capitalist radical led by Todd Boehly – who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers – and a consortium led by US billionaires Josh Harris and David Blitzer.

That duo already ain NBA squad the Philad...

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