ROBERT HARDMAN: What became of the brave Britons who bought wrecks in Italian villages for 1 euro?

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The little crushed level looks similar a weaponry has gone disconnected but the staircase seems firm. Going up level by floor, I americium told not to stray excessively adjacent to the centre of each country for fearfulness I mightiness autumn through.

In the small room connected the apical floor, I find an aged cookware connected an aged stove. A faded photograph of a kid successful an Edwardian sailor suit hangs connected a wall, arsenic does a yellowing calendar which suggests the past clip anyone really lived here: 1973.

Crucially, however, the extortion seems to beryllium successful 1 portion arsenic determination is nary denotation of intruding rainwater.

There is nary energy and each plumbing was disconnected years ago.

Finally, we wrench unfastened the doorway starring retired connected to the second-floor balcony and I instantly spot the entreaty of this place. In 1 absorption you place an past doorbell operation and rooftops stretching retired towards the Sicilian countryside. In the other, you look up a steep cobbled thoroughfare that has not changed 1 jot successful much than a century.

What this spot lacks successful basal amenities, it makes up for successful that indispensable diagnostic successful immoderate home: charm.

And it has conscionable been snapped up for the asking price: 1 euro.

'For years, this location has been doing nothing,' says my guide, Giuseppe Catania. 'Now, it volition bash thing for this town.'

Dilapidated: But this volition soon beryllium an elegant municipality house. Giuseppe Catania is successful the vanguard of a precise modern thought to revitalise dormant pockets of agrarian Italy

Giuseppe is not an property agent. He is the politician of Mussomeli, a elevation municipality that sits prettily successful the mediate of Sicily, beneath an Arab-Norman castle perched connected a chunk of stone similar a elephantine toadstool.

Yet Mussomeli is besides successful the vanguard of a precise modern thought to revitalise dormant pockets of agrarian Italy — by flogging disconnected past lodging for little than a quid. And the results person been astonishing.

There are nary restrictions connected who tin buy, nor immoderate rules connected however they can...

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