Roberto Mancini has destroyed Italy and Ciro Immobile shines for Lazio but is a flop for the Azzurri

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ALVISE CAGNAZZO: After 1 of the worst nights ever successful Italian football, the blasted crippled begins... Euro 2020 victor Mancini has destroyed our squad - and Immobile is Serie A's apical scorer but FAILED erstwhile it mattered most

By Alvise Cagazzo In Italy For Mailonline

Published: 11:03 GMT, 26 March 2022 | Updated: 11:03 GMT, 26 March 2022

Roberto Mancini is not the sole idiosyncratic liable for our illness against North Macedonia, but he is surely the 1 who holds the top blame. 

A squad hailed arsenic heroes successful the summertime person failed to cement their bequest and person alternatively gone backwards nether Mancini, who is the culprit of this disaster. 

Mancini's bleak look said it each arsenic his misfiring squad failed to interruption unfastened the European minnows' defence, contempt having 32 attempts connected goal. It sums up the interior struggle of a manager who was powerless to forestall the afloat time...

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