Rooster Teeth’s RWBY is getting an anime spinoff

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Rooster Teeth’s animated web bid RWBY is getting an anime spinoff from the Japanese workplace down Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The bid volition seemingly beryllium called RWBY Ice Queendom and volition beryllium produced successful a collaboration betwixt Rooster Teeth and Japan’s Shaft animation studio.

But the announcement of this caller bid is simply a small analyzable truthful far. Crunchyroll primitively posted a connection connected Thursday, but past deleted it, according to Anime News Network. However, the task besides appears to person some English and Japanese Twitter accounts, on with immoderate authoritative posters, and an full Japanese website with quality and details astir the series. Despite each this, determination doesn’t look to beryllium a larger announcement by Rooster Teeth itself conscionable yet.

RWBY was created by Rooster Teeth (Red vs. Blue, Gen:Lock) successful 2013. The bid is present connected its eighth season. Rooster Teeth’s spouse for Ice Queendom is Shaft, a Japanese workplace that’s been making anime bid since 1995, including Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Nisekoi, and the Monogatari series.

According to the show’s website, fans volition apt larn much astir the task during this weekend’s AnimeJapan 2022 festival, though it’s unclear if this volition besides see a trailer. The website besides says that the bid is acceptable to debut sometime aboriginal this year.

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