Russia-Ukraine “Off-Ramp” – Potential Settlement Plan Drafted by Cambridge Peace Negotiator

6 months ago 29

Anti-Terrorist Operation successful  Eastern Ukraine

A Ukrainian worker adjacent the beforehand lines successful the Donbas portion successful 2015. Credit: Noah Brooks / Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

An planetary instrumentality adept outlines presumption for a imaginable statement connected Ukraine, including proposals for the Donbas and Crimea regions, and a “Cooperative European Security Architecture.”

A “finely balanced formula” successful which the disputed Donbas regions person accrued self-governance but stay Ukrainian, and a tacit “status quo” for Crimea is agreed on with rights for number groups, could assistance supply an “off-ramp” for some sides successful Russia’s warfare connected Ukraine.

“It is captious the Ukrainian authorities is not pressured into accepting outcomes that reward a warfare of aggression.” — Marc Weller

This is according to a projected colony designed by Marc Weller, Professor of International Law astatine the University of Cambridge and starring ineligible expert, who has mediated successful a wide scope of conflicts for the United Nations ...

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