Sakurai Reflects On Every Super Smash Bros. Fighter Reveal In New Blog Post

6 months ago 17
Super Smash Bros Ultimate.900xImage: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got its last DLC quality last October successful the signifier of Sora from Kingdom Hearts. It was a hugely breathtaking time, Sora's accomplishment successful the crippled brought near-universal joy. People who didn't similar Kingdom Hearts could spot that the Keyblade-wielding lad had earned his place, portion fans of the bid were delighted to spot a quality who they each thought was a tube dream.

Of course, it was besides a bittersweet time, arsenic Sora was the past DLC character, and Ultimate was fundamentally over. Masahiro Sakurai, manager of the game, and dependable of King Dedede, was astatine past allowed to instrumentality a break.

Now, astir six months aft we recovered retired astir Sora, Sakurai is taking a look backmost astatine his clip connected the series. Specifically, he's going implicit each uncover trailer for each quality from the Wii U Smash Bros. onwards. Here's what helium has to accidental successful a recent blog post:

The Super Smash Bros. bid is simply a task wherever we undertake collabor...

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