Sarah Palin Spoke About David And Goliath (And “The Masked Singer”) As She Testified In Her Lawsuit Against The NYT

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MANHATTAN — “Are you readying to cross-examine Ms. Palin?” the national justice asked the pb lawyer defending the New York Times earlier the assemblage entered the courtroom connected Thursday for the 2nd week of her libel suit against the newspaper.

When the lawyer told the justice helium would so beryllium cross-examining Palin, the justice quipped, “You are a brave man.”

But the erstwhile Alaska politician — who burst onto the planetary signifier with a 2008 normal code successful which she accepted the Republican information for vice president by joking that lone lipstick differentiated hockey moms similar her from pit bulls — sought to overgarment herself utilizing a antithetic canine metaphor during her tribunal grounds connected Thursday: arsenic an underdog.

Wearing a achromatic blazer and achromatic pencil skirt, and with her hairsbreadth successful its trademark bouffant style, Palin spoke astir the “disturbing” decease threats that she and her household person received during her clip successful nationalist life. She revealed that she doesn’t get galore requests to assistance different blimpish politicians connected the run way anymore, suggesting her stardom had somewhat faded. And she testified that she felt “powerless” and “mortified” aft the Times ran a 2017 editorial that incorrectly asserted a nexus of incitement betwixt her erstwhile governmental enactment committee and a 2011 wide shooting successful Arizona — a connection that prompted Palin to writer the paper for defamation.

“It was devastating to work again the mendacious accusation that I had thing to bash with murdering guiltless people, and I felt powerless,” Palin told the assemblage of 9 New Yorkers.


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