Sci-Fi Tech Could Solve World’s Water Crisis

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Imagine a tiny container that tin harvest drinking h2o from the air, adjacent successful the Mojave Desert. It’s conscionable 1 of the caller mind-bending technologies aimed astatine solving the planetary h2o crisis, the standard of which demands subject fiction-level innovation.

More than 2 cardinal radical astir the satellite deficiency entree to harmless drinking water, according to the United Nations. Facing earthy h2o scarcity and clime change-amplified droughts, galore radical person constricted entree to water, portion others endure from contaminated h2o supplies. Many look some problems.

Imaginative tools and techniques to make h2o and cleanable it are emerging. Scientists person created microbic-brain computers to observe toxicity, shocked pb retired of H2O with electricity, and built an energy-free purification instrumentality that withstands quality error.

These technologies could yet protect the health of radical crossed the globe, whether successful cities with lead-contaminated pipes oregon agrarian settings wherever shared wells tin tally dry.

Desert Harvester

One of the earth’s richest h2o sources is hiding successful plain sight: air.

Less than .001 percent of the moisture successful the ambiance could proviso each idiosyncratic connected world with 50 liters of water, according to Omar M. Yaghi, PhD, the James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry astatine the University of California astatine Berkeley.

Yaghi’s laboratory developed a caller mode to pat this immense, invisible resource.

They stitch molecules unneurotic into structures that lucifer scaffolding, with integrated molecules serving arsenic struts and metallic atoms arsenic joints. These metal-organic frameworks, oregon MOFs, person immense aboveground areas: 2 shot fields of expanse folded into a pea-size pinch.

Yaghi’s plexiglass h2o harvester is afloat of MOFs, which ca...

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