Scientists Create Ideal Pizza Dough That Rises Perfectly Without Yeast

6 months ago 32

Kneading Pizza Dough

Dissolving state into dough astatine precocious pressures tin make perfect emergence without yeast.

In emblematic breads, yeast produces bubbles via a biochemical process, causing dough to emergence and make into light, airy, and tasty treats. Without that yeast, it is hard to marque morsels with the aforesaid diagnostic sensation and texture. The perfect, yeast-free pizza, arsenic specified a food, presents an important situation for bakers and yeast-intolerant crust enthusiasts crossed the globe.

In Physics of Fluids, by AIP Publishing, researchers from the University of Naples Federico II developed a method to leaven pizza dough without yeast.

The team, which included its precise ain nonrecreational pizza-maker/graduate student, prepared the dough by mixing water, flour, and brackish and placing it successful a blistery autoclave, an concern instrumentality designed to rise somesthesia and pressure.