Scientists Warn: Nutritious Fish Stocks Are Being Squandered by Salmon Farming

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Wild Fish Shoal

Eating wild-caught food alternatively of utilizing it arsenic provender successful salmon farming would let astir 4 cardinal tonnes of food to beryllium near successful the sea, portion providing an other six cardinal tonnes of seafood for quality consumption, a survey finds.

Scientists studying the Scottish salmon farming manufacture accidental that utilizing lone food by-products — specified arsenic trimmings — for salmon feed, alternatively than full wild-caught fish, would present important nutritional and sustainability gains.

This would let 3.7 cardinal tonnes of food to beryllium near successful the sea, and alteration planetary yearly seafood accumulation to summation by 6.1 cardinal tonnes.

“If we privation to provender the increasing planetary colonisation good and sustainably, we indispensable halt catching chaotic food to provender farmed fish.” — David Willer

The study, led by a squad of scientists from the Universities of Cambridge, Lancaster and Liverpool and biology NGO Feedback Global was published connected March 1, 2022, successful the diary PLOS Sustainability and Transformation.

As the world’s fastest increasing nutrient sector, aquaculture is often presented arsenic a mode to relieve unit connected chaotic food stocks. But galore aquaculture food — specified arsenic Atlantic salmon — are farmed utilizing food lipid and repast made from millions of tonnes of wild-caught fish, astir of which is food-grade and could beryllium eaten straight to supply captious nutrition.

The squad collected information connected food nu...

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