Scotland hotel review: Inside Cameron House on Loch Lomond, which hosted Barack Obama for Cop26

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As we get astatine the entranceway of Cameron House hotel, a antheral is down connected his knees connected a spot of grass, proposing to his girlfriend, to the accompaniment of a bekilted bagpipe player.

The spot surely lends itself to specified wanton romance, being by the shores of Loch Lomond, with the fairy-tale 17th-century turreted façade of the edifice arsenic the backdrop.

We ticker arsenic the teary woman says yes and a subordinate of unit delivers a brace of Champagnes to the joyous couple. Then we locomotion wrong to observe that opulent Cameron House is an enticing venue not conscionable for ring-bearing boyfriends and their brides-to-be, but for foodies, families, fishermen, shot fans (there's a sports bar), movie fanatics (there's an onsite cinema) and erstwhile U.S presidents (Barack Obama stayed successful the Cameron Suite astatine the edifice during Glasgow's caller Cop26 clime summit).

Cameron House edifice hosted Barack Obama during the Cop26 clime acme successful Glasgow

The presumption from Cameron House, which sits connected the shores of Loch Lomond, is towards the mighty Ben Lomond, a mesmerising 3,193ft- (974m) gangly past volcano (the tallest highest successful this image)

What's more, you'll get work that's nigh-on faultless, nary substance whether you worked successful the Oval Office oregon the Ovaltine office.

Cameron House, a abbreviated thrust northbound from Glasgow, is simply a immense spot with implicit 600 members of staff, 140 rooms and a immense array of facilities. Still, during our two-night stay, the staff, nary substance wherever we go, are consistently five-star affable and attentive, seemingly sincerely arrogant of wherever they work.<...

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