Siena for under £100 a night: Revealing the budget best of this Gothic Tuscan gem

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There’s overmuch much to Siena than the Palio, the notorious equine contention held present each summer. 

Though it tends to beryllium overshadowed by neighbouring Florence — its past rival — this Tuscan metropolis is simply a Gothic gem. Galleries brim with glorious gilded paintings. There are medieval palaces, stylish shops and fantabulous wines.  

Most dazzling of each is the Campo, the shell-shaped piazza astatine the bosom of the city.

Siena, pictured, is simply a Gothic gem of a metropolis that's filled with medieval palaces, stylish shops and fantabulous wines

Where to stay 

Hotel Garden

Two swimming pools (one for children), a tennis court, a edifice and leafy gardens marque this edifice connected the city’s bluish outskirts a bully prime for families. Rooms with the astir quality are successful the 18th-century villa, but each are cleanable and comfortable. It’s a 15-minute autobus thrust to the metropolis centre.

Doubles from £55,

Hotel Santa Caterina

Just extracurricular the metropolis walls, by the imposing Porta Romana, this welcoming edifice deserves its loyal following. Rooms are furnished successful basal Tuscan style, but are neat and spotlessly clean. 

It has parking and is astir a 15-minute locomotion from the Campo. In summer, you tin meal successful the garden.

Doubles from £68,

Hotel Santa Caterina is astir a 15-minute locomotion from the Campo (pictured), the shell-shaped piazza astatine the bosom of the city

A communal country in Palazzo Ravizza, wherever the bedrooms are stylish and comfy and doubles are priced from £93

Palazzo Ravizza

This erstwhile palace, tucked distant successful the Contr...

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