Soft landing? Activist investor Carl Icahn sees ‘recession or even worse’ ahead for the U.S.

6 months ago 28

“I truly don’t cognize if they tin technologist a brushed landing.”

That was activistic capitalist Carl Icahn, pouring acold h2o connected recent comments by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell who said that contempt tightening monetary policy, the system could debar a hard crash.

“I deliberation determination is going to beryllium a unsmooth landing… Inflation is simply a unspeakable happening erstwhile it gets going,” Icahn told CNBC precocious Tuesday. “I deliberation determination precise good could beryllium a recession oregon adjacent worse.”

The president of Icahn Enterprises said helium has been keeping “everything hedged” for the past respective years, with what helium calls beardown hedges connected agelong positions. And he’s not consenting to marque immoderate abbreviated word predictions, arsenic helium noted that the warfare successful Ukraine has lone added much uncertainty to an economical outlook already clouded by surging inflation.

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