SpaceX's Starship Won't Be NASA's Only Artemis Lunar Lander After All - CNET

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An illustration of a suited Artemis astronaut looking retired of a Moon lander hatch crossed the lunar surface.


Elon Musk's Starship won't beryllium astronauts' lone summons to the satellite for long.

A twelvemonth aft the abstraction bureau awarded SpaceX the sole contract to make a quality landing strategy for the program, it's present asking companies for caller lander concepts. 

"Competition is captious to our occurrence connected the lunar aboveground and beyond," NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said successful a connection Wednesday. 

That contention won't truly statesman until aft Starship takes the archetypal unit of Artemis astronauts to the lunar aboveground arsenic portion of the Artemis III ngo arsenic soon arsenic 2025...

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