Sri Lanka holidays: Why a group tour is a wonderful way to take in the country's sublime attractions

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Our beaming section guide, Shiromi, greets america arsenic we committee the manager astatine Colombo airdrome and says: ‘Welcome back.’ You tin archer she is speaking from the heart.

This is the archetypal Titan circuit of Sri Lanka successful astir 2 years and the locals person missed British tourists arsenic overmuch arsenic the tourists person missed the accidental to research this beauteous island.

And however amended to instrumentality successful what the state has to connection than an escorted tour?

Max sets disconnected connected a 10-day circuit of Sri Lanka with Titan, which begins successful the superior of Colombo (pictured)

There are 19 of us, with a median property of astir 60, and my chap Titan passengers are not conscionable delightful, but well-travelled. Antarctica, Namibia, Ecuador, Cambodia. You sanction it, they’ve been there.

In their youth, they were back-packers. No inexpensive younker hostels this clip for these grizzled globe-trotters. The hotels connected our journey, chiefly successful the Cinnamon group, are comfy and well-appointed.

Our ambitious ten-day itinerary, opening and ending successful the capital, Colombo takes america connected a sweeping ellipse of the country, crossed thrillingly varied terrain.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka's reply to Uluru, takes astir 2 hours to scale. 'It is worthy the effort, conscionable for the fantastic views from the top,' says Max Davidson 

From Colombo, with its good aged buildings, parks and statues of Queen Victoria, we caput northbound to Habarana, successful the historical heartland of Sri Lanka, wherever the highlights see Buddhist shrines and a ineffable histrion much than 2,000 years old. ‘Would you similar to ascent Lion Rock tomorrow?’ asks Shiromi. Yes please, we chorus, a small nervously.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka’s reply to Uluru, rises steeply from the plain and was built arsenic a fortress by a huffy 5th-century ruler with galore wives. It takes astir 2 hours to scale, up immoderate vertiginous flights of steps, but it is worthy the effort, conscionable for the...

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