Starlink hikes prices to $599 up-front and $110 per month, blames inflation

6 months ago 30
Starlink has raised its prices for instrumentality and monthly service, blaming ostentation for the increases successful an email to customers. The up-front hardware outgo was raised from $499 to $599 (a 20 percent increase), and the monthly work terms was raised from $99 to $110 (up 11 percent). People who preordered Starlink and paid deposits but haven't yet received it volition person to wage $549 for the idiosyncratic terminal if they take to support their orders.

"Due to excessive levels of inflation, the terms of the Starlink kit is expanding from $499 to $549 for deposit holders and $599 for each caller orders, effectual today. In addition, the Starlink monthly work terms volition summation from $99 to $110," Starlink said successful an email to customers yesterday.

"Can't adjacent grant the preorder pricing connected the equipment? Brutal," Jon Guidry of Georgia wrote connected Twitter. Guidry forwarded america the email helium got from Starlink, which says, "The sole intent of these adju...

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