Staycation travel: Travel guide author Alastair Sawday shares his pick of dog-friendly cosy cottages

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Paws & Stay is simply a postulation of the 'finest places to instrumentality your dog', from the teams down Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars (file photo)

Dogs are often overlooked. And for a state similar ours, whose radical emotion their pooches with a devotion that knows nary bounds, that’s a atrocious authorities of affairs. A vacation ‘welcome’ often conscionable involves an extracurricular kennel, a concatenation and miserly biscuit, oregon a tiny backmost country with nary window.

But dogs, who dainty america similar emperors, merit better: a scratch down the ears, a decent meal, a furniture and — supra each — a consciousness of humour. If your hosts don’t find your canine comic past they should battalion it in. Those rare, unwelcome marks connected the carpet are to beryllium forgiven and laughed over.

Paws & Stay is simply a postulation of the finest places to instrumentality your dog, from the teams down Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars, which I founded 28 years ago. The effect is simply a triumph of conviviality and comfortableness for dogs and their adoring owners. Here’s my enactment from astir the country. 


The countryside astir the Stargazer Trailer successful Holne, Devon, is made for walking. Pictured is the area's Holne Bridge over the River Dart

Stargazer Trailer successful Holne, Devon, is an archetypal 1970s iconic Airstream, but the interior and the outdoor ablution person a frontier feel. There’s an enclosed tract arsenic good arsenic treats and towels for dogs, truthful you could happily enactment put, but the countryside astir you is made for walking. The owners person way maps and suggestions for section destinations and dog-friendly pubs, truthful instrumentality your pick, deed the hills and travel backmost to agelong retired connected the deck.

STAY: From £128 a night, sleeps 2 humans and 1 dog.


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