SUE REID: Why are only a trickle of Ukrainian refugees making it to the UK?

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The English Channel was arsenic inactive arsenic a mill pond this week erstwhile the traffickers pulled disconnected their astir audacious enactment yet.

At archetypal airy connected Thursday morning, they sent implicit the largest mega-boat of migrants ever to transverse the 21-mile portion of oversea betwixt France and England.

The achromatic rubber vas stretched astir 40 feet. Highly controversially, it was illegally escorted by a French Navy warship to the Kent seashore earlier being handed, with its cargo of 50 passengers, to Seeker – a UK Border Force vessel.

Dozens of strangers from a myriad of nations cautiously boarded Seeker, which past roared into Dover harbour astatine 10am to beryllium greeted by blue-uniformed officers of Her Majesty’s Coastguard.

In a surreal scene, the officers helped each migrant ascent connected to the quayside arsenic though they were VIP guests. All that was missing from the invited successful the outpouring sunshine was a reddish carpet.

Migrants crossing the English Channel person been arriving connected inflatable boats which are 40-ft agelong and tin compression successful much than 50 people

At slightest 4,000 migrants person crossed the English Channel from France truthful acold this year

Minutes later, the bare mega-boat was towed by Border Force into the port.

Out astatine sea, officials had painted the fig 126 successful achromatic overgarment connected its broadside to marque it wide that it was the 126th traffickers’ vessel to question crossed the Channel this year. These criminals are having a bumper year.

And fixed the Home Office’s sluggishness successful granting visas to refugees fleeing the warfare successful Ukraine – lone a fistful person truthful acold made the travel present – the surge of Channel migrants represents a immense embarrassment for the Briti...

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