'TailsTube' First Ep Now Live - The New VTuber Show Starring Sonic's Sidekick

6 months ago 16

Featuring a precise peculiar guest...

It started disconnected with Sonic the Hedgehog being transformed into a VTuber and present it's Tails' turn. Following connected from the official uncover Tails would besides go an net superstar past week, the archetypal occurrence successful 'TailsTube' has present been released.

It features a cameo from the 1 and lone bluish blur Sonic, and unneurotic the brace instrumentality turns answering questions from fans. Sonic besides takes clip to code his existent narration with Amy, mentioning however she's "just a truly bully friend".

Tails translation into a VTuber follows connected from Sonic the Hedgehog's VTuber translation past June. What bash you deliberation of the archetypal occurrence of 'TailsTube'? Do you ticker immoderate different virtual YouTubers? Leave a remark down below.

[source youtu.be]

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