Talking Point: Should We Still Be Pre-Ordering Games?

6 months ago 17
P1044613.JPGImage: Nintendo Life

A twelvemonth ago, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town came retired connected the Nintendo Switch. As the latest instalment successful the beloved Story of Seasons (the bid formerly known arsenic Harvest Moon) series, it was beauteous hyped up successful the fiercely-devoted farming crippled fanbase... lone to beryllium much of a fart than a fanfare.

The pre-order bonuses were beauteous enticing: A very cute buffalo plushie and buffalo costume were some perfectly pitched for the intended audience, who bask some cute things and cattle with gigantically disproportioned heads. But it can't person felt bully to pre-order Pioneers of Olive Town, adjacent with each the cute bonuses, lone to person a beauteous mediocre 6/10 game that didn't rather consciousness finished.

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