Ted Cruz Accidentally Makes Two Anti-Racist Books Bestsellers

6 months ago 15

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During confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, Senator Ted Cruz held up a transcript of The End of Policing by Alex Vitale portion discussing the teaching of alleged “Critical Race Theory” successful schools. (Critical Race Theory is simply a circumstantial ineligible acquisition framework, which is seldom what pundits oregon politicians are really referring to erstwhile they notation CRT.) Following this speech, the writer noted that the rubric had go a #1 bestseller successful its Amazon category.

That wasn’t the lone publication that Cruz boosted during the hearings, however. He besides presented a leafage from Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi, asking Jackson, “Do you hold with this book, that babies are racist?” Her answering suspiration and intermission earlier responding went viral connected Twitter.

A time later, this rubric had risen to #1 connected Amazon for its category, Children’s Books connected Prejudice and Racism.

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