Ten Commercial Pilots Sue CDC Over Federal Mask Mandate

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March 18, 2022

A radical of commercialized hose pilots filed a suit against the CDC successful an effort to onslaught down the national proscription disguise mandate, according to FOX Business.

The 10 pilots, who enactment for American Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines, said the CDC’s disguise mandate is an “illegal and unconstitutional workout of enforcement authority.”

The pilots argued that the CDC issued its nationalist proscription disguise bid successful February 2021 “without providing nationalist announcement oregon soliciting comment” and are asking the tribunal to extremity the mandate.

Following the CDC order, the Transportation Security Administration issued a disguise mandate successful February 2021, which was acceptable to expire successful May 2021. The TSA has extended the mandate respective times arsenic the pandemic has continued, and past week, it extended the argumentation again until April 18.

Until then, the “CDC volition enactment with authorities agencies to assistance pass a revised argumentation model for when, and nether what circumstances, masks should beryllium required successful the nationalist proscription corridor,” the TSA said in a statement. “This revised model volition beryllium based connected the COVID-19 assemblage levels, hazard of caller variants, nationalist data, and the latest science.”

However, the pilots claimed successful their suit that the argumentation was adopted contempt “countless technological and aesculapian studies and articles showing that look masks are wholly ineffective.”

The pilots besides said they’ve seen “up adjacent and idiosyncratic the chaos successful the sky,” with thousands of reports of unruly rider behaviour since the mandate took effect successful 2021.

So acold this year, the Federal Aviation Administration h...

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